Over 33,000 Nurses Short,
In Just 5 Years.

Ontario is facing a nursing crisis. 

And addressing the issues with student recruitment and retention is a good place to start

Young nurse chcecking blood presure to senior patient.

Build Up the Farm System

Optimizing the Bridge Between Training & Career


The looming nursing shortage is a critical concern that healthcare authorities need to address promptly. According to a report by the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario, the province is projected to face a shortage of 33,000 nurses and personal support workers by 2028. This shortage not only threatens the quality of patient care but also highlights the urgency of finding innovative solutions. Clinical Placement+ offers a comprehensive platform that can help healthcare authorities recruit more students from their own networks and beyond, thus addressing the impending crisis.


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Clinical Placement+ recognizes the need to expand the recruitment pool for nursing students. By partnering with educational institutions and healthcare facilities, the software bridges the gap between students and available placement opportunities. With a centralized platform, it becomes easier to connect with external networks and tap into a larger talent pool. This not only increases the chances of attracting more students but also promotes collaboration among various stakeholders.

In addition to the nurse and PSW shortage, the FAO predicts the province is likely to be short 500 beds out of the estimated 7,500 beds needed just to serve the growth in demand for hospital services.

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Placement Velocity

One of the key challenges in recruiting nursing students is the complexity of managing clinical placements efficiently. Clinical Placement+ simplifies the process by automating scheduling and matching students with suitable placements. By eliminating manual paperwork and reducing administrative burdens, the software frees up valuable time and resources for healthcare authorities to focus on nurturing student development and improving patient care.


Let Data Drive Placements


Data-Driven Decision Making:

Clinical Placement+ provides comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities. This empowers healthcare authorities to make data-driven decisions regarding placement allocations, resource planning, and strategic recruitment efforts. By analyzing placement trends and student performance, authorities can identify areas of improvement, tailor their recruitment strategies, and allocate resources more effectively.



Addressing the pending nursing shortage requires innovative solutions that streamline placement management and attract a broader pool of students. Clinical Placement+ offers a comprehensive platform that enables healthcare authorities to recruit more students from their own networks and beyond. By leveraging the software’s features, healthcare authorities can optimize placement processes, provide personalized support, and make informed decisions to combat the nursing shortage effectively. It’s time to embrace technology and empower the healthcare industry to overcome this impending crisis.

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