Feeding the System

Helping Health Authorities Mobilize Future Healthcare Professionals

Hospitals and health networks require diverse skills, training and personnel to operate.

Whether you are in New Brunswick, lower mainland British Columbia or anywhere else in North America, there is an acute shortage of these professionals and a steadily growing need for their skills in our healthcare systems.

What began as a simple one-off development project for a local client quickly became a fully integrated solution that streamlined student placements, including integrating multiple stakeholders and partners.

After initial development, we collaborated for over a year with a local health network managing dozens of locations and thousands of placements to refine the processes, workflows, and interactions to ensure that the finished product delivered a significant return on investment. And enabled the activation of more students at reduced costs and demands on available resources by nearly 66%.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the go-to-platform and tool that health networks, educational institutions and students look to in order to facilitate critical learning preceptorships and on-the-job training across North American Health Networks. 

From doctors and nurses to radiology and lab technicians, our platform empowers health networks to streamline placements all in one convenient multi-user solution. Rather than managing multiple spreadsheets, emails, request forms, our platform brings every element of the process into one convenient and easy to use platform. 

We know that if health networks can facilitate the placement of more students in their clinical operations the opportunity for increased retention and recruitment drastically increases. And, as a result, delivering higher quality healthcare across North America.

Nurse explaining notes to female patient in health center

Build the Foundation of Tomorrow's Health Sector

Our platform has undergone the rigour of in-the-field development, optimizing for the challenges and nuance that come with organizing placements across dozens of locations and 100s of kilometres. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to create a fluid and effective talent streamline into your healthcare operations, reach out and book a meeting today!