Mobilizing the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

Mobilizing the Next Generation of Healthcare Professionals

It takes a lot of steps and people to successfully place a student in a clinical setting.
Our platform streamlines, and accelerates that process while improving accuracy and consistency.


One of the earliest steps in a healthcare professional's career is a preceptorship or on-the-job training. With CP+, we make it easy for students to submit the necessary documents and information to facilitate these placements.

Educational Partners

Whether its a university or college program, access to enriching preceptorships or on-the-job training is an essential deliverable of the curriculum. Our platform makes it easier to request, manage and facilitate these placements.

Health Authorities & Administrators

Constantly working to address shortages and the need for new healthcare professionals, healthcare authorities and administrators will find welcome ease and precision by administering placements through our system.

Hospitals & Departments

Staff shortages, closures, and the overall flexibility that is required to operate clinical settings is finally tackled with our placement platform. schedule single students or groups of students in a collaborative scheduling tool that is as flexible as the healthcare sector demands.

Over 50 years worth of placements facilitated in just One Month!

What You Can Expect

Origin Story

We are problem solvers. Over the years our company (Contendo) has developed custom solutions and software platforms to help businesses, organizations and sectors become more effective, safer, produce higher quality and much more. 

With that expertise we worked alongside a local regional health authority to craft a tool that would allow them to streamline the development and training of the next generation of healthcare professionals.

Using our decades of experience crafting multi-user database platforms, we crafted unique permission sets, approval processes and interactions that along with our friends at the regional health authority’s feedback, created the first end-to-end student placement platform for the Canadian Healthcare Sector.

Start Designing Your Platform

Let’s talk about how we can calibrate CP+ to empower your team!