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Our system was built to create a single platform and communication tool that clinical students/professionals, educational institutions, human resource departments, and relevant clinical staff could all access and seamlessly place and onboard students and new staff.

By building advanced logic and customizable permissions, we have created a platform that empowers each user to accelerate securing a placement in a clinical setting.

From the initial request to the scheduling and matching of a preceptor, all of the activities required to build capacity in your health network live and thrive on CP+

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Increase Effectiveness
With fewer Resources

More placements, Less Stress.

Our program has proven the reduce the administrative burden required for health authorities by nearly 300% while increasing effectiveness.

By empowering the process through a secure centralized system placement stakeholders along with HR teams at hospitals and health authorities can streamline their efforts for unprecedented effectiveness.

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Our system features a robust and highly adaptable database system. During our implementation we tailor the verbiage, titles and fields to reflect your processes. 

User roles and the relationships between them are hard coded.

Students, Colleges & Universities are granted user access by your administrative team.

These roles have set permissions and activities that help facilitate your organization’s onboarding processes, without requiring direct input from your team.

Clinical Placement+ is a traditional SaaS product. Subscriptions can be paid monthly or with an annual payment. 

Ongoing support is stipulated in our agreements and your system will receive updates as they role out.

Each client and health authority is a bit different. But we estimate anywhere between 30 and 70 days between kickoff and full utilization. 

This includes 50 hours of employee training from one of our client success specialists.

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