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Double your placements, and reduce the resources required by more than half.

Our system streamlines the placement process for students in the healthcare sector by creating a centralized platform where all stakeholders can work together to find the proper placement for every student.

About Clinical Placement +

Driven by the real-world needs of health authorities and networks across Canada, we developed a solution that ensures the next generation of healthcare workers are ready to face those challenges.

Our first pilot was developed to address the realities of Canadian Healthcare networks and their challenges in placing students in multiple essential positions for training and development. 

The realities of health networks that cover both urban and rural clinical settings created a complex issue that we worked together to craft a tailored solution that to this day can’t be matched.

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Clinical Placement+

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Why Work With Clinical Placement +

The Benefits of the Cloud,
The Customization of In-House

Our system is designed to reflect your hospital, health network, and organizational structure. We work together to automate tasks and work within your current IT environment.

Our System

Online, Secure, Innovative

With hosting on secure and certified servers, automated confidentiality protocols (including purges), SSL certifications and TFA for admins, our system meets the rigour and expectations of today’s modern cybersecurity requirements.

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The Success of Our Clients

Just a few words from our current clients to highlight the kind of resources savings and extra performance that Clinical Placement+ can empower you to achieve.

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