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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Ok, I know that clinical placements don’t seem like a heroic endeavour. But I am here to tell you that it isn’t far off. The shortage of nurses, doctors and all clinical staff is an issue that is plaguing healthcare systems around the world. A problem that was brought to the forefront of our attention during the pandemic. The result is entire units get shutdown, emergency rooms have limited or no capacity, and nurses and doctors are burning out faster than ever before. We are now seeing the eventuality of the labour shortages in the people tragically passing away waiting for care.

One of the most effective ways to build the foundations of a healthcare system’s workforce is by training and developing students. Not only is it required for students to gain their licenses to practice, it is also a great way to seamlessly begin a career in a role, department or field that has a need. So, it is critical to place these students as effectively as possible. Most healthcare authorities are stressed and while dealing with several different partners to facilitate these placements they are often bogged down in redundancies and double work. This prevents them from addressing acute needs and building sustainable initiatives to strengthen their healthcare organizations beyond the foundational student level. But in collaboration with a particularly innovative team of health care administrators, we developed and fine tuned a solution.

The story of how Clinical Placement + came to be.

Healthcare administrators are faced with an ever-increasing challenge that threatens to undermine the stability of our healthcare system: labour shortages. These shortages can lead to severe disruptions in care delivery and can ultimately impact a healthcare ability to deliver care.

As such, healthcare administrators are tasked with coming up with innovative solutions to tackle this problem head-on. Working with Clinical Placement + is one such solution, and it is proving to be both innovative and effective for those who choose to take on this challenge.

Clinical Placement + is a database platform for recruiting, retaining and training clinical staff. It has already successfully immensely improved placements between universities, colleges, and healthcare facilities by providing a streamlined placement process. By leveraging data from a wide range of user groups, Clinical Placement + provides an intuitive way for healthcare admins to match potential students and trainees with the correct positions based on their skillsets, requirements, and preceptor availability.

The decision to work with Clinical Placement + is innovative and ambitious given its cost-efficiency compared to traditional placement methods and its ability to deliver tangible results at scale. Healthcare administrators can look forward to improved return on investment (ROI) when using the platform due to its automated processes, which reduce manual labour costs associated with managing large recruitment campaigns by nearly 75% (really, ask us how we did it). Additionally, advanced analytics capabilities make it easier for admin teams to identify trends in recruitment and placement lead times and eliminates a great deal of the stress around scheduling and rescheduling.

Managing Stakeholder Relationships

The innovative work of healthcare admins with Clinical Placement + has affected their relationships with traditional partners, universities, colleges and hospital departments in a number of ways. By introducing this new technology to the recruitment process, healthcare administrators are able to drastically reduce the time spent manually reviewing placements and placing new personnel into available preceptorships. This enables them to focus their efforts on other critical areas such as retention strategies and training initiatives.

Moreover, leveraging Clinical Placement + also increases ROI when it comes to finding placements for students from partnering universities and colleges. By automating much of the placement process through this platform – healthcare admins can quickly identify potential placement opportunities that will enrich their learning outcomes during their course of study.

This increased efficiency, accuracy and access have been instrumental in facilitating better partnerships between healthcare admins and university/college partners – enabling them to provide better quality care for patients while also providing more impactful learning experiences for those seeking employment after graduation.

Win-Wins and Massive ROI

Ultimately, this innovative move helps healthcare systems reduce labour shortages and ensure a smooth transition between hiring cycles over time. This is particularly beneficial as it allows organisations to continue providing quality care while concurrently cutting back on costs associated with recruitment and training processes across various departments within the organisation. In other words, Clinical Placement+ not only helps bridge staffing gaps but also ensures higher ROI in the long-run for all parties involved.

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